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Thursday, May 17, 2018

High End 2018 - recap


After being back home, having unpacked and some winding down, it is time for a recap of the show.

It's been a great show as in previous years and left a lot of impressions. The High End established itself as the most important fair world wide for high quality music reproduction. This has been my 5th participation at this show. Thanks a lot to the High End Society for this great venue.

I'd like to thank Azzolina Audio and PTP Audio for teaming up for our joint system. And thanks to Frank for bringing those beautiful 78rpm records and for sharing his passion and knowledge.

Those red field coil based Mojos really impressed me...

... so I kept them for my own demo system...

... and can use my new field coil supply with them.

A few more pics which I did not show yet, the 211:

ER274A rectifier:

10Y linestage with ELROG 801As, I guess I have to name it 801A linestage in the future.

D3a phono:

The white Mojo:

ELROG tubes with champagne glasses:

The orange and purple power supplies:

Thanks to all the visitors for the great time and see you again next year!

Best regards


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Live from Munich : High End 2018, Part 7 - Day 4


Today was the last day of the High End show. Here a few more impressions.

Our cartridges:

The fabulous Lyra Atlas for vinyl records and the Miyajima Kotetu for  78rpms.

The ER801A had it's premiere playing in the linestage:

A few more tube pics:

ELROG tubes were also present in some other rooms.

Vincent Brient of totaldac used a quad of ER845s in Absolare mono blocks in his lovely room.

A video clip of our room with Hans Olson singing :

And another treat for 78rpm lovers, Charlie Parker performing 'Lover Man':

It's  been a great 4  days and actually a full week with the set up days.

See you all in Munich again next year


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Live from Munich : High End 2018, Part 6 - Day 3


Some impressions from our room on the third show day.

Today we started the morning with the 46/46 amps on the Mojos.

Here a video clip of the room:

Of course we also played a lot of 78rpm records again. Here a beautiful piece sung by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong.


Tomorrow is the last day of the show. Come to room F231e and have a listen.

Best regards


Live from Munich : High End 2018, Part 5 - Day 2


Here some impressions from the second show day.

Friday we mostly played the red Mojos...

... driven by the SE 845 amps during the morning...

... and switched to the 46/46 amps in the afternoon.

The analog front end for vinyl...

PTP Adio turntable with Lyra Atlas.

And a separate turntable for 78rpm shellac records.

Here a special highlight from Franks Shellac collection, a recording with Enrico Caruso from 1906:

A 112 year old recording, pressed on one side with only a logo on the back side:

Here the record in full length:

And a few impressions from the Silbatone room:

A video clip with the two speakers on the outside playing:

The speakers in the middle with the London horn:

And the 755 broad band speakers:

Best regards